Back to the roots…

I had one of these weeks, where one thing just led to another…On Wednesday, I stopped over at Drachenwolle, and they had a Sale there…so I bought this really lucious, soft, berry-coloured alpaca yarn for 3.50 Euro…for 100g.

I was quite unsure about buying it, didn’t want to increase my already big stash with something else that I wouldn’t know what to do with it…but I bought it, it was just too lovely to leave it…

…then, on Thursday, as I told you, Mollie Makes arrived on my doorstep … and I just knew what to do with my lovely yarn…


They are cosy, warm and just so very nice – and knitting them is quite addictive…so you might expect to see some more in the future…I just need to find some mohair yarn and get myself to crochet some snowflakes…

The pattern, as I told you, was published in the current issue of Mollie Makes, and is by Stephanie Dosen, aka tiny owl knits .

In other “news”: I met the probably last of our garden roses for this year on my daily walk on Thursday…


…and yesterday, we met with our knitting group…ten women chatting and knitting away, it was great fun…


I did not use to think of knitting as something one would do in a group…or that had any social aspects. It used to me a very solitary excercise, comforting, yes, but no really good for socialising – and look at it now: it’s done in public, within a group of friends, discussed in the internet – you HAVE to visit ravelry, if you haven’t been there yet!

And if you think about it, isn’t this where the craft originally started? Women sitting somewhere in the middle of a fishing village, knitting Aran sweaters for their loved ones? So, I’m all for going back to the roots…yay!!

…though – perhaps not to Aran sweaters…just a tiny tad to0 complicated for my basic knitting skills…

PS: I promise a pic of Miss Winkle, and there she isMiss Winkle 5

current mood: lazy on a Sunday afternoon

current soundtrack: Suzanne Vega – It makes me wonder

planned projects: more wristwarmes, likely!


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