It’s that time of the month again…

I love the end of the month, as it is “Mollie Makes” – Time…


do you know “Mollie Makes”? If you are British, you might have come across it, and there is a German version available in Germany as well.

It’s a monthly Craft Magazine, which covers a range of craft with a focus on needlework (knitting, crocheting, sewing), but they also write a lot about what’s going on in the crafty scene, blogs, trends, events, book reviews…

I like it a lot because a) it’s lovely made, great photos, there’s always a “goodie bag” with the monthly UK version with all the stuff you need for a little project so it b) gets me interested in the world beyond knitting and c) it is a bit quirky.

So. End of October it is, and I can sit down on a quiet afternoon, sip a cup of coffee, read my magazine, and get well again…

picaday 131031I love these fingerless mitts!

current mood: a bit tired
current soundtrack: Sophie Solomon – I can only ask why
planned projects: these mitts!

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